View Full Version : Laguna School Bench

Charles McKinley
10-16-2003, 11:21 PM

Does any one have this bench or built one like it? It is the square one with the vice on each corner. I have some laminated beams that are about 12"X48"X3" (like plywood on steriods)

Would this make a decent bench? I'm not sure how I could get it perfectly flat.

Jim Becker
10-17-2003, 9:28 AM
Charles, the design itself is interesting. The questions you need to consider are 1) do you have the space for it and 2) will the design do something for the work you do that a "regular" rectangular bench will not accomplish. Further, very large surfaces could be cumbersome for a single woodworker from a reach standpoint. If it were me and I didn't have a specific need for this configuration, but wanted more bench space, I think I'd opt for a larger traditional bench over this particular design. 'Just my opinion, of course!

Pedro Reyes
10-17-2003, 6:22 PM

IMHO you would be better off with a more coventional rectangular bench (as mentioned already). Sometimes you want to apporach the work from diffetent sides without moving it and that is when narrower benches come in. As the name states, this is a bench for a classroom so 4 students can work on it and share the tools in the center. I don't think there are (or see) any advantages for a single user over a more conventional bench, I don't think it was designed thinking it would offer an advantage to a single user.

Just my $0.02