View Full Version : Baseball Playoffs - Dodger Baserunning

Joe Pelonio
10-04-2006, 6:14 PM
:eek: I'm listening to the Dodgers/Mets on the radio, wish I'd seen this.
I'm sure it will be on the highlights tonight.

Have you ever seen a 9-4-2-2 double play? Or a double play on a double?

Jeff Kent is on 2nd, JD Drew on first. The batter hits it to right, so
they both run. Right fielder takes it on the bounce and throws
home, 2nd baseman relays it there. Kent is out at home by at least
10 feet. Drew for some strange reason KEEPS RUNNING so the catcher
turns around and tags him out too! To make it worse, the next batter
got a double and scored the other guy, would have been 3-0 instead
of 1-0.

Mark Rios
10-04-2006, 11:16 PM
Stupid Dodgers....can't even run 360 feet the right way.......sheesh.

:D :D :D