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Dennis Chant
10-04-2006, 12:04 AM
Would appreciate comments on these options.
My problem - I had to gouge out a broken wood screw in a mahogany slab door.
1. Do I bore out a 3/4 hole and epoxy in a hard wood dowel.

2. Just fill with bondo.

Which of these is the most physically sound?

I welcome your comments.

Dennis Chant

Jim O'Dell
10-04-2006, 12:16 AM
I take it that this door is painted if you are considering bondo? Bondo is quick, hard and easily sanded to a smooth finish. Takes paint very well. You could easily repair the door, sand smooth, and be ready for paint in an hour or less, if you can get by with 1 or 2 coats of bondo. Ji.m

Cliff Rohrabacher
10-04-2006, 10:55 AM
I'd drill and plug.

I have used vbondo extensively in the past for repairs it's really good but does not expand and contract the same as does wood and it does not move with humidity. Since you will be placing this under high stress wiht the screw hanging the door I'd use a mahogany plug.

The bondo might come loose if the stress and the humidity and other factors cause the door to move at a rate the bondo won't.

Wes Bischel
10-04-2006, 11:16 AM
I would agree with Cliff - if it's structural, a wood plug is your best bet. Bondo is great for patching, but not for repairing screw holes.


Jim O'Dell
10-04-2006, 1:43 PM
You guys are right. I didn't read that as a hinge screw. Thinking more something in the body of the door. Definately dril and plug with a dowel. Same wood would be best. Sorry I didn't read closer. Jim.

Frank Fusco
10-04-2006, 4:29 PM
dowel for sure

Dave Richards
10-04-2006, 5:35 PM
You could fill the hole with epoxy then drill and tap it for a machine screw. It wouldn't pull out.

I wouldn't use a dowel to plug the hole as you would then be driving the screw into end grain. If you do want to fill the hole with wood, make a proper plug for the hole and glue it in.