View Full Version : Alaskans: Construction costs for a new house??

Bob Weisner
09-26-2006, 11:25 AM

Wha are construction costs like in Alaska ?

Barry Stratton
09-26-2006, 8:21 PM
Loaded question there Bob, choice of fixtures/trim can take the same 2500 sq ft floor plan from 350,000 to 750,000 in a hurry. I'd use $175 per sq ft as a very general rule of thumb for Anchorage. Just guessing, but Fbks is probably a tad higher, Juneau (although land cost much more there!) a tad lower. Copper Center and McGrath you can build out of log harvested on site:D

Joe Pelonio
09-27-2006, 9:57 AM
That sounds right. Recently was discussing replacement cost with my insurance man, apparently here in the Seattle area it's running about $160/sf for residential. You'd expect it to be higher due to the non-wood materials shipping for AK.