View Full Version : Cleaning color markers?

Russ Filtz
09-24-2006, 5:22 PM
Need to clean some color markers (not the washable type!) off some carpet. Tried some other cleaners to no avail (probably setting the stain too!).

Any hints at a solvent that might work without melting the carpet as well? Don't feel like trial and error, wasting money etc on ten different cans of stuff. Xylol, MEK, etc.? Tried some thinner already, didn't even get some color on the rag.

Mark Pruitt
09-24-2006, 9:45 PM
Can't make any guarantees about the effectiveness of this with color markers, but Bissell makes a "Fabric and Upholstry Cleaner" that I have used to get spots off the carpet when nothing else worked. Spray it on, use the brush to work it in (use a striking motion rather than a rubbing motion), let it sit a while then do it again. Eventually it dries and you need to go over it with a vacuum. The worst case scenario would be that it wouldn't get it all and you'd have to try something else, but at least it won't damage the carpet.