View Full Version : Wierd cat vidio

Don Baer
09-22-2006, 5:20 PM
Now this is funney even if you don't like cats.


Matt Warfield
09-22-2006, 6:06 PM
I'm still waiting for the cat to jump in.....

Doug Shepard
09-22-2006, 6:23 PM
Mine has a similar fascination with watching it, although she still has to rely on me (thank god) to flush for her. Water running in the kitchen sink is her 2nd favorite water show to watch. Go figger.

Jim Becker
09-22-2006, 8:27 PM
Years ago my first wife and I taught our cat to USE the toilet, but it sure didn't flush by itself!!

Norman Hitt
09-23-2006, 2:42 PM
This was FUNNY, and on par with a clip I saw a few weeks ago on the Funny animal videos show. They showed a cat that was standing by a treadmill and a lady was walking on it. The cat watched for a while, then sitting on the floor at the back end of the treadmill it finally put one paw on the treadmill belt and it came back to it, then it tried it again and finally worked up to sitting on the floor but walking the treadmill with it's two front paws and nonchalantely looking around toward the camera while doing it. Boy those paws were really moving. Very Funny.

Frank Fusco
09-24-2006, 8:23 AM
I'm still waiting for the cat to jump in.....

Waiting? I was HOPING! :D

Curt Harms
09-24-2006, 9:02 PM
I don't know what the fascination is, but there is one. We had a tabletop foutain for a while. The cats wouldn't drink out of their dish no matter how clean the bowl or how fresh the water. They'd only drink the flowing water out of that fountain. We have one that will dip his paw in the water dish then lick the water off his paw. Must be flavor imparted by kitty litter:eek: