View Full Version : Cork Signs

Joe Pelonio
09-17-2006, 3:08 PM
I've used cork a few times for coasters and even done a few wine bottling corks, but yesterday I saw a whole store full of cork signs. We just got a new "Whole Foods" store in Redmond, WA, and my wife wanted to stop on the way home from dinner (out for our 32nd anniversary).

They have a lot of cork signs with vinyl lettering but then many others with small lettering that have been laser engraved. They went pretty deep, probably 1/32-1/16 and the lettering is pretty black (without paint fill as much as I could tell) then the whole sign clearcoated glossy.

In the aisles there are signs which have a decorative piece above them that also appears to be laser engraved with a plant design on plywood.
I wish I had the camera with me.

I don't know if this cork thing is at all of them or just the new ones like ours, but the lasered cork did make attractive signs. Have a look next time you go there, if there's on in your area, and stay away from the deserts!