View Full Version : News - Badger Pond Closing

Keith Outten
02-24-2003, 9:37 PM
Wayne Miller has announced that Badger Pond will go "Read Only" on midnight Thursday Febuary 27th and close down on midnight the 28th.

This is being done to allow everyone to view the final messages, and Wayne will post his final farewell message after the Pond goes read only on the 27th.

Very few people will ever know the commitment and contractural obligations that it takes to run a service like Badger Pond, Woodworkers Central, The Oaks, etc. The server loads and bandwidth bills are very high and generally these types of services don't make any money yet they are online constantly, require absolute dedication and are a cause for constant worry!

It is impossible to please everyone and in the course of running a board it is almost impossible to keep from hurting people's feelings from time to time in an effort to keep the peace and protect the community. Wayne has done an excellent job with Badger Pond and deserves the respect he has earned from his hard work and dedication. I'm glad that I was and will always be a member of Badger Pond, although I wasn't a "Major Poster" and Wayne did on occasion delete my posts :) I will always be appreciative of the efforts of the Badger Pond Administrator.