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Andy Hoyt
09-10-2006, 12:00 AM
Name: Glenn Clabo

DOB: The day before Abe Lincoln…only 141 years later.

Physical description (G-rated, please)
6’2 - 220 lbs – topped off with my natural hair color of flesh tones with highlights of head bump tracks.

Where is home?
Where my skivvies are…which for the last 8 years has been the great little state of Rhode Island. Man I love being near the ocean. I started off in a little town called North Reading in Massachusetts until the Navy jerked me out of my 60’s fog…if you know what I mean. Then, as those in the military learn quickly - don’t unpack the boxes…you’re being transferred. We lived in some very interesting places during the Navy’s 9 plus years. Chicago…Norfolk, VA…Staten Island, NY…and 3 years in Athens, Greece ( have you ever had your car blown up??? I have!). Then after we decided that our kids needed some dad-like attention…I bailed on the Navy…sort of. I interviewed for a job in Washington as the guy in charge of submarine weapons launchers…and got it! So twenty years of 3 hour daily commutes…and the loss of my childhood bride and finding the Dr. LOML bring us to Little Rhody.

Family information (tell us about your spouse, kids, grandkids, dog, etc)
I have been blessed with two wonderful women and two children in my life. As I mentioned above I lost Barb… to breast cancer. As you may be able to understand the loss of someone you grew up…fell in love with…made a life with… was difficult. Then Laurie (aka Dr. LOML…a nurse with a Ph.D.…who is the Director of Undergrads at URI) came into my life…and dragged (sometimes kicking and screaming) me back to enjoying all these things we humans have to live for. Can’t say enough about how wonderful she is. As far as the kids…I got a mirror image of a son…Chad who is in the Air Force in Korea and a daughter…Jamie who has a teaching degree in Childhood Education in Virginia. Dogs? Two labs…Shelby and Chelsea who are just like kids who don’t talk back or have college aspirations.

Vocation (what do you do for a living, and what have you done previously; are you retired?)
Well...for the last 25 years or so…I’m the Program Manager for the Navy’s Submarine Weapons Launching Systems. Before that…at about 12 I went to work (cuz that’s what us old folk did then) for a carpenter a couple of houses down from us. I eventually was the “finish” guy who somehow figured out how to make kitchen cabinets and install all that fancy woodworking trim and stuff. Then…I got bored and decided that working in GE and making tooling was what I wanted to do….so I was selected for the GE apprentice program as an All-Around Machinist. At the end of that…I lost my deferment and Uncle came after me…but I figured I was too big to be shot at so I joined the NAVY.

Shop Overview (size, relationship to house, list of basic tools, woodworking interests other than turning?)
I have 3/4s of the basement…and the double car garage for sheet good sizing. Usual stuff…TS…CS…BS…a wall full of clamps…WoodRat…too many routers…DVR Lathe…6” Jointer…13” Planer…a few hand planes…handsaws…ya know…whatever I can slip into the budget for retirement time.

How many lathes do you own? Tell us about 'em. Even the ones you no longer have. Why did you choose these lathes?
My dad bought me a Craftsman Lathe many years ago so I could build my mom a quilt rack…and I did. However, it was not a pleasant experience…so it sat for many years. Then SMC and a certain someone drew me into the abyss. So DRLOML bought me a DVR for my last birthday.

How many turning tools do you have? Store bought, home made, favorites?
I bought a box of tools…but I’ve also made some of my own. I guess someday I’ll have to use them, eh?

How long have you been turning, and what got you started in the first place?
See above…but I wouldn’t consider myself a “turner” yet. I’m just getting ready to spend my retirement days (couple years) making chips…but really can’t get much time to do that right now. Day job takes up most of my time.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
What ever has nuts…or ice…or cream in it.

What do you enjoy most about turning?
The magic of taking a big chunk of wood and finding out what’s inside of it.

What was your first completed turned project? You get bonus points for a picture of it.
I’d like to say Da Quahog Bonker…but it was the quilt rack.

What is your favorite individual piece that you have turned, and why?
Da Quahog Bonker…cuz I didn’t do it for anyone but me.


What is your favorite form that you turn?
I’m really interested in the bowl thing. Maybe because I like peanuts…ice cream…pop corn?

What do you not turn now that you want to - or plan to - in the future?
Hollow forms are in my future…I hope.

How do you take your Moxie? (Straight up? beer chaser? neat? with corn flakes?)
I am one of the few who actually know what Moxie is…and likes it. I’m a straight up kind of guy…like single malts…and local brews.

What is your favorite form someone else turns/has turned?
I have a hard time not being amazed at those thin walled hollow forms.

What is your favorite wood to work with and why?
I LOVE cherry! Period…flat… round…just growing.

Have you met or hung out with any fellow Creekers? Tell us about it.
Well…I actually spent some time with one Andy Hoyt and lived to tell about it. Yes…he is as interesting in real life as he is on this forum. But making me polish the mayo machine was a little much.

Well Geez, Glenn! I mean - you touched her, and everything! Ya even sat on her. Sheesh! Whaddya expect?:D

I have also spent a day with John Hart. I will never forget the moment we pulled up to his little piece of heaven. All I could think was…It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…so why do I hate him so much?

I just missed Mr. Grumbine…had to go to sea when he was in the next town over. Someday I’ll visit him and let him try to teach me that turning muscle move.

What is your favorite piece someone else has turned, and why?
Too many to pick one…but if you make me…Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt made a walnut piece that just blew me away. I have a pen from John Hart…but someday I hope to get some of youse guys to give up some of your work so I can display it in our little Cape in RI.

What brought you to SMC?
The Pond dried up…Keith offered a place in the Creek…I took him up on his invite and he hasn’t been able to get rid of me since.

Got any nicknames? How'd you get it?
No nicknames…but until I got out of the Navy nobody called me anything other than “Clabo”. (Clay-bow)

Now let's get a little deep... If you were a tree, what tree would you be and why?
Mimosa…don’t ask in mixed company.

If you won the Irish Sweepstakes what part of your life would change?
What do you get if you win it? I’d settle for a Guinness Stout … but if it’s money…Not a lot…maybe a 67 Vet and a little cabin in Maine.

And here are some more pics: Starting with proof that he actually sat on Janine.


And some more goodies.

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Mark Cothren
09-10-2006, 12:10 AM
I am one of the few who actually know what Moxie is…and likes it. I’m a straight up kind of guy…like single malts…and local brews.

I'm on that short list of folks who know what it is... but I do NOT NOT NOT like that death-in-an-orange-can.....:eek:

Nice interview, Glenn!

Bernie Weishapl
09-10-2006, 12:15 AM
Glenn great interview. It is nice to get to know you better.

Dennis Peacock
09-10-2006, 7:22 AM
Great interview Glenn. So....you really like the Moxie paint thinner in a can? :eek: :rolleyes: :p

Nice to know more about you Glenn.....just one thing though.....You'll have to PM me your addy if you expect to get something to add to your "display in your little Cape in RI." ;) :rolleyes: :D

Bob Noles
09-10-2006, 8:02 AM

Great interview and always glad to get to know a fellow creeker a little better.

Thanks for sharing your personal side.

Ernie Nyvall
09-10-2006, 8:33 AM
Nice to get to know you better Glenn. Thanks for clearing up your last name pronunciation, and thanks for your service to our country.

John Hart
09-10-2006, 8:50 AM
Nice interview Glenn. It was nice to meet you too. You are one of the very few people who have been to the new place. Hope to show you the "After" tour someday.:)

Cecil Arnold
09-10-2006, 10:55 AM
Hi Glenn, nice to know more about you. I think we outlawed Moxie here, something to do with environmental contamination.

Barry Stratton
09-10-2006, 1:35 PM
Great interview Glenn, thanks for sharing!

I gotta find and try this Moxie stuff.......

Mark Pruitt
09-10-2006, 2:10 PM
Pleased to meet you Glenn!


Ken Fitzgerald
09-10-2006, 2:17 PM
Nice interview Glenn! Nice to know more about my business partner in "Bonkers-R-Us"!

Keith Burns
09-10-2006, 3:20 PM
Great interview Glenn, thanks for sharing your life with us! I still can't believe there are people out there that actually drink that "Rust Remover" in a can:D

Randy Moore
09-10-2006, 3:36 PM
Good interview Glenn Always happy to learn more about turners. :D Someday soon I hope to get a lathe and turn BONKERS and bowls. Bonkers for hitting fish that I will eat and the bowls for popcorn and ICE CREAM.:)

Don Baer
09-10-2006, 4:07 PM
Nice to get to know you a little better Glen.

Lou Morrissette
09-10-2006, 4:58 PM
Great interview, Glenn. Thanks for sharing. Good to know a little more about a fellow New England SMC member.


Ed Scolforo
09-10-2006, 5:22 PM
Enjoyable interview, Glenn. Nice to know you better.

Corey Hallagan
09-10-2006, 6:51 PM
Glad to learn more about you Glenn!


Wes Bischel
09-10-2006, 7:29 PM
Glad to get to know you a bit more. So, you like Moxie and ice cream - Moxie floats anyone?!!:eek:


Andy Hoyt
09-10-2006, 7:33 PM
..... So, you like Moxie and ice cream - Moxie floats anyone?!!:eek:

Wes Finally!

Someone gets the big picture!:D

Mike Ramsey
09-10-2006, 8:31 PM
Nice to meet you Glen! Wow what a life! But I suppose it all pales to meeting Andy Hoyt! :rolleyes: .

Bruce Shiverdecker
09-10-2006, 9:23 PM
Thanks for sharin', Glenn. Enjoyed every minute.


Tom Sherman
09-10-2006, 10:40 PM
Quite an interview Glenn, I am pleased to know more about you.

Glenn Clabo
09-12-2006, 7:23 AM
Thanks everyone...but you should really learn to enjoy Moxie...it can fix stuff...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Moxie is found throughout New England and in parts of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
Moxie, a carbonated (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbonation) beverage (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beverage), is considered to be the USA's (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States) first mass produced soft drink (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soft_drink).
Created in 1876 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1876) by Dr. Augustin Thompson (http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Augustin_Thompson&action=edit) of Union, Maine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union%2C_Maine), Moxie was first marketed as a patent medicine in Lowell, Massachusetts (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lowell%2C_Massachusetts) under the product name “Moxie Nerve Food” and was said to cure ailments ranging from softening of the brain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerebral_softening) to “loss of manhood.”
In 1884 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1884), it was sold in carbonated form and merchandised as an invigorating drink, which claimed to endow the drinker with "spunk (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spunk)." In the early phase of its life as a recreational soft drink, Moxie is said to have been kept handy by bartenders to give to customers who were too drunk to be given any more alcohol. This story may be apocryphal, however, inspired by Moxie's (in)famous aftertaste that many people find unpleasantly strong, though Diet Moxie's aftertaste is a little less strong.
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John Hart
09-12-2006, 7:54 AM
so....did Moxie contain a "special" ingredient in its early years?

Don Orr
09-12-2006, 10:03 AM
Nice interview Glenn. Good to get to know you better.

Thanks for the interesting info on Moxie too. Makes me want to try it:eek: .

Take care,

Glenn Clabo
09-12-2006, 10:09 AM
You'll have to ask Andy...I can't remember back that far. I only drink the stuff once in a while...;)

Andy Hoyt
09-12-2006, 10:16 AM
Well gee whizzercles, Glenn. Ya just had to go and spill the beans. Sheesh! And for a moment, I was considering answering John's question, but have now decided that it's best to hold back the name of the extra special intoxicant - oops - I mean ingredient.

Travis Stinson
09-12-2006, 6:53 PM
Great interview Glenn, I'm glad to know more about you. So, Andy put you up to hawking the Moxie, huh.;)

Jim Becker
09-16-2006, 10:38 PM
Excellent "Get to know you", Glenn!

Vaughn McMillan
09-17-2006, 5:19 AM
Fun read and a nice interview. Thanks.

Jim Dunn
09-18-2006, 4:47 PM
Glen it's a pleasure. I only wish I was a little closer, and sometimes a little farther, to all you NorEastners so I could get some of that Ben and Jerries Ice-cream. I don't like nuts in mine though, like eating eggs with the shell mixed in with em.

Nice interview.

Glenn Clabo
09-20-2006, 6:00 PM
Hey Jim...come on out and take the truck...we're due. :) I'm buying the beer AND all the B&J's you can eat.