View Full Version : Sharpenning Spokeshave Blade

Jim Young
02-24-2003, 8:29 PM
I bought the Lie Nielson spokeshave a while back and just got around to sharpenning it today. I had to sharpen it by hand since it didn't fit into my blade holder. Wondered if anyone has a better way of sharpenning such small blades?

Jorge Castañeda
02-24-2003, 9:22 PM

Lee-Valley sells a holder for short blades to be used in combination with heir sharpenning jig, it works fine, but I find myself still doing it by hand unless I need to "true" the blade.


Woody Leland
02-25-2003, 6:17 AM
I use spokeshaves often and have 6 in my toolbox. (Always looking to add more!) So far I maintain all the blades with the scary sharp method. I use blocks of wood with various grits of sandpaper. I also fine-hone them with diamond paste as was shown in a recent issue of FWW. I do it fairly often, so it does not take very long, except for the first time.

Then again, if you get a shave from Woodjoy or Dave's Shaves, they'll already be honed sharp when you get them.

-Woody in South Portland, Maine
(Chairmaker, among other things)

Dave Anderson NH
02-25-2003, 1:51 PM
One way to be able to use a jig without additional purchases is to cut a piece of 1/2" thick wood stock just wide enuf to fit into the jig. Take one end and slot it about an inch and a half or so deep and drill a hole about an inch in from the edge of the wood. Use a wing nut and bolt to tighten down over the blade which is inserted in the slot. I've also found this useful as a means for hand holding when sharpening one of the highly curved irons for my two Millers Falls cigar shaves. For tanged irons like the Woodjoy, Dave Wachnicki/Gunterman/Hoch, etc- cut a piece of MDf narrow enuf so it fits between the posts and attach your scary sharp paper to one surface. I also keep an MDF piece with green chromium oxide for the final hone.