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Dave Richards
09-03-2006, 3:04 PM
It's back! I can stop shaking.

Thanks Keith and Aaron. Hope all is well.

Boyd Gathwright
09-03-2006, 3:08 PM
.... Where did everybody go :D?


Art Mulder
09-03-2006, 3:20 PM
It's back! I can stop shaking.

Hi Dave. My name is Art, and I'm an SMC-aholic.


I had *NO* idea how attached I had become to SMC until Friday when it went away, and stayed away. Friday night I checked, Saturday morning, Saturday aft, Saturday evening.... Even my wife, at one point, was asking me "Isn't SMC back up yet?" She wanted to look up something!

Hope everyone made it through okay.

blessings, all.

Corey Hallagan
09-03-2006, 3:21 PM
Yes, I hope all is well with all of our members and the Outen's that were in this area!


Keith Outten
09-03-2006, 3:25 PM
Ernesto brought us wind and rain Friday morning and we lost power and Internet Connectivity about 8am.

Geez it is good to have air conditioning and power in the shop again. OK, I started up the SMC server first...now I have to get back to work. There is much to do after 56 hours without power. Tree branches to burn and six acres of grass to cut now that the flood waters have receeded.


Tyler Howell
09-03-2006, 3:33 PM
We were so shook we had to resort to our own resources!
There's no place like home:D .

Andy Hoyt
09-03-2006, 3:47 PM
I think you're fibbing Keith. My gut tells me that Aaron pulled the plug so we wouldn't know what day Saturday was (http://www.sawmillcreek.org/member.php?u=111):D

Norman Hitt
09-03-2006, 6:17 PM
When I couldn't get on Fri nite, I had minor tremors, then tried Sat morning & still no go, but thought......NO PROBLEM, I'll just watch my Sat programs, ie; NYW/Norm, then This Old House & Ask This Old House, then the Neander fellow from Carolina, (can't ever remember his name), then the Turning Program....fairly new here so can't remember his name yet either, then finish up with Router Workshop, and Maaaaaybeeeeee SMC will be back up by then.;) Then my day turned to total(fill in your favorite adjective____):mad: For the second time in six months, our brand new TV's power supply FAILED, and naturally since it was a Saturday, (and a Labor Day Weekend Saturday at that), needless to say, there was no answer at the TV Warranty Svc Center.....:eek: :mad:

Oh well, since it was going to be such a losing weekend, I decided to go get my early Birthday present, and (operating between all the Thunderstorms), it is NOW "Well Broken In".;) The Grounds on the commercial property of the LOML's are all weedless again, our front & back yard is mowed, edged and weed-eated, as well as the back alley behind our house, the neighbors across the alley, the neighbor's next to me, and also the one across the alley from him. You think I wasn't Bored?.:rolleyes: (Note: I had come in and checked to see if SMC was back up a few times during all this, but no such luck.:( By last nite I had developed such strong withdrawal symptoms, that I finally visited an old WW forum that I used to frequent, and it had been so long I almost didn't get logged in, and then could hardly remember how to maneuver around in it, but NOW EVERYTHING is back to normal and the SHAKES are going AWAY. :D :D

Doug Shepard
09-03-2006, 6:31 PM
Dont it always seem to go, that you dont know what you've got til it's gone -
Joni Mitchell

Robert Mickley
09-03-2006, 7:03 PM
I had the shkes for a minute, Then I formatted the hardrive. Blew windows out completely and spent the better part of the weekend insalling and tweaking Ubuntu

Making Microsnot go away helped some!! but it was apoor substitute

Keith Outten
09-03-2006, 8:50 PM
Thats the romance of living on the coast. Storms are a way of life and we're used to em...except the big ones like Katrina that hit the Gulf coast last year that you can't prepare for...you just run for your life.

Now I for one can't see how the folks in Kansas can deal with Tornadoes that strike without warning and can move your whole house across town...geez.


It warms my heart to see someone dump Windoze :)


Robert Mickley
09-03-2006, 10:39 PM

It warms my heart to see someone dump Windoze :)


And don't tell you wife about your heartwarming :D :D

Personaly I've had all of windoze and internet exploder I can stand.

Jim Young
09-03-2006, 11:27 PM
Glad the Creek is back, not sure how much longer I could put up with Dennis' jokes. :lol: