View Full Version : DVD player is dying.....

John Kain
08-29-2006, 8:25 PM
So, we have a DVD player (sony) about 5-6 years old. Recently it has been really skipping and not playing rented disks. It's unbearable to watch a movie. Any rented (used) movie we watch just sticks and goes to an unknown chapter....

Can I fix this thing with a cleaning disk or something, or is it time to buy a new DVD player?

Matt Warfield
08-29-2006, 8:52 PM
I'd recommend a new one. They're dirt cheap and they'll be better able to read the newer copy-protected DVD's. I have one that's about 5 years old that will not read some of the copy-protected DVD's. My other one that is a few months old and my computer read them just fine.


Al Willits
08-30-2006, 9:44 AM
Check best buy or one of them, they have last years models going for dirt cheap, I picked up one for the garage for about $145 on sale, 5 disk player too.


Rick Gibson
08-30-2006, 1:13 PM
New ones are getting pretty cheap I picked up a second for the rec room at Canadian tire a few weeks ago for $29. Watch the sales and grab a new one.

Kyle Kraft
08-30-2006, 3:25 PM
Don't buy one made by the same mfgr. as your TV. I bought an RCA DVD player when my electronic BORG cheapo finally died. The remote from the DVD player broadcasts on the same freq. as the TV so when you want to turn on the TV, the DVD player shuts off or vice versa based on which one sees the remote better.