View Full Version : Your thoughts on pink ivory

Pedro Reyes
10-04-2003, 1:35 PM
Hello all,

I came across a very handsome piece of pink ivory, a small 2x2x12 in which I saw a spokeshave hiding and maybe a couple of marking knife handles.

I won't describe the wood or say everything I know about it. If you must know I can post the two or three sentences I know later... that is why I'm asking.

I've never built a spokeshave before, that is why I also have a piece of Maple for practice, but eventually I would like to use the pink ivory for a spokeshave, any thoughts? Is it a good idea? The wood seems very dense and hard not to mention beautiful. Anything you know about why I should or should not use this wood for that application are greatly appreciated.



Gary Hupp
10-05-2003, 8:00 PM
I have used this wood before, and no matter how you finish it, it will fade. I t is very expensive, and the color will definitely change.