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Phyllis Rhodes
08-19-2006, 1:31 PM
Does anyone have a jig/template already made up to engrave the leather key fobs from Tandy Leather (the kind you have to put the ring on, fold the end over, and hammer in the rivet)?

I have the file from Epilog with the fish on it, but that doesn't help me if I need to do several at once.

I thought I would ask here before I started scanning my own.. hoping to save some time.

Thanks all! This place is great!
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Frank Corker
08-19-2006, 4:40 PM

Can I suggest this to you. Take one of the fobs, place it on a scanner, scan at 300dpi. Save the image as fob1.bmp. Import it into Corel, do a trace in black and white. Remove the background. This will make you a resizeable eps file. Retain the original size click on properties and place a .001 cut line around the edge. Get a piece of acrylic offcut and cut out the shape.

If the fob fits directly into it then you are three quarters of the way of making a template. It will just be a process of figuring out exactly where you want the writing or drawing to fit. You do that by putting one fob into the newly cut area, place a piece of clear acrylic over the top and run low power runs over the top to find the exact location. When you have that, lock the patten onto the top of the cut out and make several copies alongside each other.

Alternatively do the 300dpi scan, don't alter the size of the file, send it to me and I'll have a go for you. The process is the way that I normally go about making templates and they were fine