View Full Version : Still having sound card problems

Don Henthorn Smithville, TX
10-03-2003, 8:39 PM
I installed a 6 channel Diamond T-688 sound card some time ago and everything works but the mic record. I tried a new mic and still no go. The card is made by C-Media from China (wouldn't you know) and I have not been able to find any web site or support for the card. Does any one know if there is a C-Media web site or support address? If not can anyone recommend an inexpensive sound card that will work with Windows XP? This is the second card I have tried. The first was Sound Blaster 16 CPI. It is not compatible with XP. Computers can surely be frustrating.

Chuck Wintle
10-05-2003, 7:17 PM
First I would open the volume control and check the mike input is not set to mute. Then check the volume level is set.If the card is made by c-medai is there a number on the chip on the card?