View Full Version : Puppy broken leg

Kirk (KC) Constable
08-17-2006, 1:25 PM
Elvis the puppy fell off the bed last night when he lost the tug o' war with his brother Beauregard. :( Broke a little piece of bone that the tendon connects the knee, or parts thereof. Certainly could've been worse...but he's a very unhappy lad this morning. Big brother doesn't understand why the little guy's in puppy 'jail'. :rolleyes:


Michael Stafford
08-17-2006, 1:50 PM
My little shop dog did something similar many years ago. She had to wear a cast for a while. You talking about puppy jail...Man she was unhappy but didn't let it stop her for long. I am sure your little fellow will be okay as well. Liver snaps will help. Don't ask me how I know that....

Joe Pelonio
08-17-2006, 4:07 PM
Poor little guy. It looks like he's behaving well though. You don't have to put a lampshade on his head to keep him from chewing on the splint?
Give him a hug for me.

Al Willits
08-17-2006, 4:20 PM
Always kills me to see a puppy hurt, good luck and speedy recovery


Bruce Page
08-17-2006, 4:34 PM
Bummer. I hope he heals quickly.

Jim O'Dell
08-17-2006, 5:20 PM
Sorry to hear this, Kirk. But pups, like little kids, should heal quickly. But it is real tough on them, and us, while they are in the healing process. Good luck and keep the little one quiet for a while. Jim.