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Aimee Gray
08-14-2006, 10:35 PM
Hi Everyone

I am just wondering if anyone has ever done up a form like - Terms & Conditions? I am asking this as we have a lot of enquiries of people wanting something of there own material/product lasered. We have turned the work down as we have been working on the principle that if not supplied by us we don't laser it -you know someone comes in with a family heirloom glassware etc. what happens when we do something wrong and it breaks or something. Does anyone one have some form of a contract where the client signs saying that our company takes all care but no responsibility.


David Lavaneri
08-15-2006, 2:54 AM

If it weren't for engraving customer supplied merchandise, I wouldn't have much of a business. :)

I don't use a disclaimer. After 35+ years as an engraver, I have a good feel for what can be done and what can't. If it's too dicey, I pass.

I don't pass very often; in fact, many of my customers are engravers.

I am asking this as we have a lot of enquiries of people wanting something of their own material/product lasered.

According to that statement, you're missing out on a lot of work.

You can always tell people that outside merchandise is engraved at their own risk.

There's only one way to gain experience. If that experience is gained at someone else's expense, all the better.

Just say yes! :-)

David "The Stunt Engraver" Lavaneri

Rodne Gold
08-15-2006, 3:27 AM
Have a sign saying all items are engraved at the owners risk.
Heres an Excerpt from my Terms and Conditions:

We will produce samples and design proofs on signed acceptance of quotations only. If an order is not placed after sampling, we will charge for the sample/design at a minimum of 10x the unit price quoted. We will also add in any artwork fees incurred during the sampling process. We will also produce samples on spec on high volume jobs , Please contact us should you require any further information.

For Laser and other types of engraving, we generally require an extra item to engrave to determine optimal settings.

We generally do not charge extra for rush jobs if they can be accommodated. Please note however, if every one of your jobs becomes a rush job, we will start adding a surcharge of 30%.

Turnaround times are generally in the order of 3-5 working days from final acceptances of proofs etc. This does however also depend on the magnitude of the job and whether it is achievable in that period.

We will NOT under ANY circumstances take engraving or orders or quote over the phone - this leads to major problems. We do proof read engraving and institute quality control and will query glaring errors in common words. Names and unusual languages will be engraved as given to us.

Should an order be placed and quantities reduced and those quantities fall outside a price break, we will charge at the higher price. Should the balance of the order be placed, we will credit the difference between the higher prices items and the lower ones.

We do not count quantities delivered to us or check condition of goods. We will not be held responsible for short deliveries or damaged goods. If there is substantial unpacking and repacking required, this will be charged for.

The limit of our liability will be equal only to the branding charge on items supplied to us. Should the main run differ from the sample provided for engraving, we will advise you as to whether it can indeed be branded and if there will be additional costs involved.


All orders are COD. Should you require credit, please arrange this prior to sending the job and credit may be extended for a maximum of 30 days from completion of order.

We require prepayment for anything that is specifically manufactured or permanently engraved/branded.

We will take the utmost care with any supplied product and are fanatical about quality and will ALWAYS do the best that is possible!!!

Joe Pelonio
08-15-2006, 8:18 AM
In my case 95% of my laser work is my materials or supplied material that's to my specification. In the case of that nightmare wooden box logo job I did a few weeks ago there were 8 of 250 destroyed but I had asked for 10 extras so we were OK. On those few items brought in for engraving without a test sample I will give a verbal caution but if the object was expensive I'd have to have confidence in the material's laserability or would pass on it. Typically they are just things like a leather bound journal or glass topped flag case. Unlike David I wouldn't miss that kind of work, I'm more of a production shop lately.

Mike Null
08-15-2006, 8:43 AM
I agree with the others. I don't engrave crystal because I know that it won't turn out looking as good as sand carving. I have a shop minimum of $25 and I pretty much stick to it.

Barbara Buhse
08-16-2006, 10:58 AM
I haven't really come across this yet, most of my work is photo engraving and things that we make to engrave. I haven't seen it here yet... does anyone ask for a declared value, kind of like UPS does when you ship something? They also ask you if it is 'replaceable".
If someone came to me with a family heriloom, I would probably pass just because of Murphy's law...