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Dave Anderson NH
10-01-2003, 4:23 AM
It's now 4:15 AM Wednesday morning and in about and hour and a half Roger Myers will pick me up for our drive to Doug Evan's and Ben Knebel's Neander Meander up at Shepherd Tool in Canada. We'll be back to the Creek Monday. So everyone have a good week and weekend. Play nice while we're gone!

Doug Evans
10-03-2003, 5:39 PM
The wee manny's be guid builders an a hard to the task of establishun a guid scotch from a baddun!


John Allman
10-03-2003, 6:44 PM
The wee manny's be guid builders an a hard to the task of establishun a guid scotch from a baddun!


The "Neander Meander" Has been a great event so far, and all expectations are that it will continue to be so. Wednesday evening we all met at a B & B in Fergus, Ontario, where we were treated to great music, excellent food, and a presentation from Doug on his trip to Scotland and England, a little while ago. Ben also forced many of us (even the non-drinkers) to try three different single malt Scotches of different ages and processes. The evening finished with some readings of Robbie Burns. Then they made us get up very early the next morning.

Thursday was a day of plane building at Shepherd Tool World Headquarters in Cambridge. This is truly a group of amazing, pleasant and wonderful people. The shop is not designed to handle the number of guys who worked on planes yesterday, but everyone was very accomodating and the whole event worked out extremely well. We went back up to Fergus, where they forced us to eat more very good food. Paul Barnard spoke about his experiences in plane building, and Dave Anderson showed us some of the tools he has been building lately.

This morning, we were allowed to sleep in for an extra hour - thankfully. ( I mean look at the photos - there are no spring chickens in this group.) Most of us went to Woodstock for the woodshow, followed by a stop at A & M Wood Specialties in Cambridge. After this I left to come back to Toronto for the evening, while the rest headed up to Fergus for more food and beverage.

Saturday we are off to George Gouldburns to see some of his collection and saleables, the Tyrone Mill for more food and a blacksmith demonstration. This will be followed by even more food, and an evening taping of the Red Green Show. Sunday is the Tools of the Trade show and sale of antique tools.

I would like to publicly thank Doug and Ben for putting together this event. It has been very enjoyable, and has given me an opportunity to meet a very talented and very likeable group of people.

Thanks to all,


Roger Myers
10-06-2003, 2:05 PM
Arrived safe and sound back in New Hampshire very early this morning after a very, very enjoyable time at the Neander Meander. The gathering truly exceeded all my expectations...Got to meet a lot of wonderful folks whom I had previously only known through the net, and that continued after on Sunday afternoon, when after the tools of the trade show, we had a number of additional introductions and a large gathering of neanders for lunch...a terrific cap to a really good 5 days....
Pictures of the motley crew in various settings will no doubt follow...
I returned with a terrific new shoulder plane, some veneer and old tool purchases, an order on the way from Lee Valley, some terrific stories and memories, but most importantly, some terrific friendships!
My thanks to Doug and Ben, and to all of the people who attended all or part of the events....I had a GREAT time...and yes, that IS a gloat!