View Full Version : Dallas BBQ

Steve Jenkins
08-09-2006, 6:35 PM
Maybe I should call it North TX BBQ.
I finally am back online. It is just a dialup connection but a whole lot better than nothing. I just want to remind everyone that the bbq will be the first weekend in Oct at my new digs. I'm now a bit north-east of McKinney,TX. It's about 50 minutes from my old shop and 15 minutes from Mike at Curly Woods.
We have lotsa room for anyone that wants to bring camping supplies, trailer, or motorhome.
I know I know where are the pics. When I get a spare minute I will post some.
my email is stevejenkins@peoplepc.com
Glad to see that I still recognize some names here.

Dennis Peacock
08-09-2006, 8:25 PM
Maaaaannnnnn, I thought you fell off the face of the earth..!!!!! Welcome back Steve.!!!!!:D

Jim Becker
08-10-2006, 10:24 PM
Yea, welcome back to the "online" world, Steve!! (You owe us some pictures of the new shop, ahem... ;) )

Who knows...maybe I'll be able to spring a business trip to DFW that week. You never know!

Norman Hitt
08-10-2006, 11:25 PM
Glad to see you back "Online", Steve. Can't wait to see pics of your new "Spread". Being Off Line must be catching up there in North Texas, 'cause "Ole Mike" has sure been Quiet also.:D