View Full Version : k-body vs. uni-clamps

markus shaffer
09-27-2003, 1:20 PM
Does anybody have any experience with the Uni-clamps made by Bessey? The price difference between the two is pretty significant, so I was curious if the cheaper ones stand up to the originals. From what I've read, the clamping pressure is different, about 1000 pounds for the K-Body and 500 pounds for the Uni-clamp. Construction-wise, they seem pretty similar in the photos. I bring this up because they seem to be an alternative to the Jorgensen sale clamp shortage that many of us have missed out on.


Jim Becker
09-27-2003, 5:06 PM
Markus, the UniClamps are more like the Tradesman clamps, but with the parallel heads. I have a half dozen of them and while I like them, they are definitely light duty. No way to they compare to the K-Bodies except that they have similar clamping surfaces. But since they are only really available in smaller sizes, that's fine. I'd buy more for the specific purposes I use clamps of this size and nature. One nice feature...you can reverse them for spreading applications.