View Full Version : ShopBot First Project Run

David Harvey
07-25-2006, 9:37 PM
Well, here it is ...not much, (and it's a lousy picture too, sorry) but it was the first file to run on my new ShopBot and no bit breakage, crashes, workpiece breakage or anything! Can't believe it!:confused:
Everything worked beautifully and it only took about 4 minutes to run. I probably could have reduced the feed rate as I can see 'some' minor roughage in the cuts. I used Vcarve Pro for generate the cut file and it was an easy task.

The wood is an Alder 9 x 12 plaque and it cut quite good considering I'm still an amateur (very) at this.
Now on to a clamping system of some sorts...thinking of the vacuum pods as it looks to be the most versatile for what I want to do.

Oh...btw, I'm the guy on the left in the carving! :rolleyes:


Tom Radachi
07-26-2006, 10:42 AM
Pretty darn snappy. I imagine aside from myself, there's plenty of folks who wish they had one of those.
good job!