View Full Version : Does this make sense to you lathe/big iron folks?

Mark Rios
07-25-2006, 2:21 PM
I have no ties whatsoever with anyone involved in this issue but while reading through craigslist I happened on this post:

The title is, "I know about your stolen Clausing lathe".

THis is the text of the post,

"There was a guy that posted here a while back that was looking for info about
his antique lathe that was stolen in Cotati. If you are still looking, get your reward money ready. I know who has your lathe and where it is. Do the words divorce or spun lawyer mean anything? Send me an email w/ your number so we can get together to discuss this matter. "

Now, everyone knows that I'm no turner nor do I have a great working knowledge of big tools but.......after reading posts and seeing pics about this lathe and that lathe, is it reasonable that someone would/could steal a lathe this big? I realize that just about anything can be moved but something this big stolen without anyone noticing?

I did a search and looked at a bunch of sites and ads regarding Clausing lathes and they all look to be REAL BIG! Is it easy to steal one of these?

I know that this really makes no difference one way or another but it just struck me as maybe some sort of..............scam or something.

Robert Mickley
07-25-2006, 7:24 PM
just all depends how ambitious the thief is. IF they new for sure that they wouldn't be disturbed you can bet they would try.

Couple years ago we had a D5 a D6 and two large bobcat skidsteers stolen off of jobsite not far from my house.
Sad part was they stole one of the construction comapnys tractor trailes to help out. Never found any of it.

Steve Clardy
07-25-2006, 7:26 PM
Don't know, haven't heard anything about it.
But clausing does make some big production lathes.

A rollback truck would make one easy to move.