View Full Version : Universal Laser extra feature in driver

Ed Lang
07-24-2006, 1:26 PM
Thanks to Tom, (Laser Buzzz) I found out that the Universal Laser driver has a feature that is great! I can control the focus of any color I want to. For example, I can focus the machine on my material and have the color Blue to be out of focus so I get a wider and softer engraving. The place I plan to use it is the Laser Buzz projects. The engraving of some text is so fine that I wanted to change the width of the line.... No problem in doing this but the effect of out of focus is better. I will take pictures and post here but I am running a cabinet job on the CNC now so it will have to be later. So, now that you Universal Laser owners know about this, you might ask how do I get to those settings? Good question! When you are in the print window where you set power, speed etc for each color..... push Ctrl, Shift, 1 and you will be prompted to activate the Z focus controls.

Be careful when using it as you can control the position of the table way up and way down! Can you imagine what might happen if you decided to move the table up and then move the lense through your material to be engraved! I bet that would not be pretty.

Enjoy and have fun with a new world of laser control!


Lee DeRaud
07-24-2006, 3:17 PM
Sounds like you have a different driver than mine. The one I have has raster/vector select, power, speed, PPI, and Z-axis fields for each color right in the print properties dialog.

Ed Lang
07-24-2006, 4:10 PM
Hi Lee,

Mine does now. It was not the default from the factory and I needed to Alt, Shift 1 to turn them on.