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Tom Jones III
07-19-2006, 12:14 PM
Read only NEC, no searching or cut and paste. Drop down to "Preview" link.

Set of forums with building and electrical forums:

(Moderator deleted link to another public forum -- TOS Violation)

Walmart evidently sells NEC on CDROM. Evidently most bookstores will also sell it.

Mike Holt web site has some info. We are not welcome to post on the forum (unless you are in the industry) but you can search the forum. You can also buy hard copy NEC here.

Evidently the CD ROM version of the NEC has extremely good search features.

Web searches turned up an interesting case from a Texoma, TX county official who posted NEC and building codes on their county web site. Their argument was that since it was law, then it must be freely accessible to the people. The were sued and lost, then won on appeal, then I got tired of reading legal crap and lost track of what happened.

Cliff Rohrabacher
07-19-2006, 5:45 PM
Darn it all. I logged to this thread because I was hoping to down load my electricity for free online.