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James & Zelma Litzmann
07-18-2006, 4:45 PM
Hey, guys, I still consider us as new but I just wanted to show you our sign that we did with the help of our engraver. It is a 3 foot by 8 foot sign, we do not have it mounted yet, hope to do that tomorrow. I hope this picture doesn't look warped but if it does I will try again. I'm hoping maybe you professionals out there may offer some advice, but for our first sign I think it looks pretty good?


Linda Tetreault
07-18-2006, 6:05 PM
I think your sign is wonderful, 1st or 100th, it leaves a nice warm & fuzzy impression & still give all the pertinent info. Congratulations!!


Joe Pelonio
07-18-2006, 7:46 PM
J & Z, looks great! Many beginners will make a sign too busy, you've left plenty of background space to make it readable. Good work.

However, when you show us something nice like that you have to share more details, materials, methods etc.

James & Zelma Litzmann
07-19-2006, 9:54 AM
Thanks to all. We really appreciate the kind words.

We used acrylic and vectored everything out then painted it. We removed each item that would be the same color and painted one color at a time and hopefully we used the correct paints. We used that new FUSION paint they've come out with for plastics. I guess time will tell if we used the correct things. I called around to get some prices for a sign and the cheapest I found was around 600. to 800 dollars for a sign this size. I think this cost approximately $150. plus laser time. Thanks again, you guys have a wonderful day.


Pat Dowdel
07-19-2006, 10:25 AM
Looks wonderful!

3' x 8', that is a large sign. I'm curious what size acrylic sheet you used and how you assembled them because I don't see any seams...cudos.


James & Zelma Litzmann
07-19-2006, 11:34 AM
It was a 4 X 8 foot sheet, cut down to a 3 X 8 foot sheet, there are no seams. We have the engraver with the pass through, this is why we paid the extra 10,000 for this machine to be able to do the pass through, for signs, doors, shower doors, etc.

Thanks a million, you made my day.


Brian Stezowski
07-19-2006, 12:03 PM
Sign is great! May I ask which machine you have?

Keith Bragg
07-20-2006, 10:00 PM
:) Great sign folks did you do the design work also yourselves.

James & Zelma Litzmann
07-21-2006, 7:52 PM
Yes and no, we are a Christian based business and I was thinking of how the wedding rings are shown in pictures locked together, so I took the one little heart that I had and duplicated it then flipped it, and that is how it landed. I sat back in my chair and said, O.K. Lord, I am not touching it. I truly believe we are being guided with each step we take. I don't think I have shared this with any of you guys yet (not at all sure how you will take this) but our hearts desire is to open a Christian Coffee Shop catering to the elderly, where they can come in and hear old fashion gospel music, music they grew up with and don't get to hear very often anymore. A place to allow them to visit with others, to be able to see someone else other than their spouse, or themselves, without worrying about having to spend a lot of money on a meal, just a cup of coffee and be able to visit. Well we know that this has to be supported somehow, so the engraver is the route we went. The loan for the laser was approved before my husband really knew he had applied for it, the name of the business just popped into my head one day (I would never use the word "INSCRIPTIONS"), and the hearts were just an accident (if that's what you want to call it). This is not the coffee shop that God has placed in our hearts, but as soon as we can afford it, there will be at least a couple of tables here and eventually, THE Coffee Shop will take place. So take it as you will, the answer to your question would be Yes and No.

God Bless,

James & Zelma Litzmann
07-23-2006, 9:13 AM
We open the engraving shop on Monday, July 24, wish us luck or should I say . . . say a prayer for us.


John Minton
07-24-2006, 1:57 PM
Great Job wish you the best.

Will add you to our prayer list at church.

All things are Possible


Ed Lang
07-24-2006, 4:09 PM
Remember the mustard seed my friend.

John Minton
07-25-2006, 1:26 PM
I hate to say I have not moved many Mountains in the last few weeks