View Full Version : Stray (or maybe not) cat!

Kirk (KC) Constable
07-17-2006, 9:02 AM
One of the Saints had a male cat treed last Tuesday morning. I was gone all day, and when I came home that evening, said cat was on the porch, lounging with the other two cats and five dogs. :confused:

Next morning, LOML reports cat was in the house eating the cat food. :( Following day she got up and something had gotten on the counter and torn up a loaf of bread, and knocked over the new box of puppy biscuits.

We used to have a cat that looked like this (and was always jumping on the counters), an unwanted reminder of the last time somebody dumped his pregnant momma. One day probably a year or so he disappeared and we never saw him again. He hated me, so I was never able to get close to him then...and this one is the same way. I'm beginning to think that maybe it's the same cat. The two cats that BELONG here are very territorial and aren't friendly to strangers...but they accepted him almost immediately. None of the dogs have shown any interest either, since the first morning. Soooo...he's not afraid of the other animals...not afraid of us, and he comes in and out of the house like he's supposed to be here. Whatcha think the chances are that it's Smokey Joe?

Mark Rios
07-17-2006, 9:38 AM
Hmmmmmmmm.......Smokey Joe huh?

Does he talk with a real gravely voice?.........If so, then I'd say that yes, it is definately Smokey Joe.

Stu Ablett in Tokyo Japan
07-17-2006, 10:08 AM
How about Smokey Joe Jr......? :D

Norman Hitt
07-18-2006, 3:46 AM
hmmmmmmm.........brings to mind that old "Ditty",.....The Cat came back, The Cat came back, I thought he was a Goner but The Cat came back, and he wouldn't stay awayyyyyyyy!:D

Kirk (KC) Constable
07-18-2006, 8:12 AM
Cat came in last night and whined and carried on for a hour or so between 3 and 4 o'clock. The sound is like the female cat calling all the toms...but there's visible evidence he's the tom. :mad:

Mark Pruitt
07-18-2006, 8:43 AM
I think ol' Smoky Joe needs to pay a visit to the next town.....;)

Ken Garlock
07-18-2006, 11:41 AM
KC, take the boy off to the vet for a change of attitude.:D and a general checkup. You don't want him to bring in some disease to infect the other cats, there are some really bad ones out there.

Kirk (KC) Constable
07-18-2006, 2:22 PM
If I could CATCH the lad, he'd most cetainly be going to the vet, but he wouldn't be coming home with ME. With the cats that belong here, and two cat-sized dogs, there's no way to catch him with any kind of trap...and neither one of us can get close to him. :mad:

We've taken in three strays in recent years..., two of them pregnant. :mad: I feel like we've done 'our part' for homeless cats.


Michael Cody
07-18-2006, 9:38 PM
There is always the .22 caliber solution. You don't even have to get that close. I like cats sorta, my wife's calico is even a nice little kitty, loves to lay on my legs and sleep, but if they are problem for some reason, I have no issues with making them use up all 9 lives at once.