View Full Version : order just got bigger

Scott Brown
07-13-2006, 10:55 PM
I sent a post last week about some wireless recievers, well that order went from 10 pieces, to a 110, they are simple to do, but I want to make sure I am pricing it right. I am charging for setup, laser time, and by square inch, I just want this to be fair for both parties, any help would be appreciated. Also I just wanted to take the time to say thank you, to everyone on this forum, I have learned so much, and hope that someday, I can give the help back that I have learned here.........

Joe Pelonio
07-14-2006, 8:44 AM

Way to go, always better to have an order get bigger than smaller.

I price for setup at $60/Hour and actual time at $1/minute only when using the customer's material, no square inch charges. I'll run one item
(or a test on another material) and see how long it takes, rounding up to the next full minute. Time for any preparation of each object (cleaning, masking etc.) is also added. Doing the same logo on all of them would be
less than a different name on each, where I charge for the initial setup but also the time to change each name and re-send to the laser.