View Full Version : Accuris vs Spirit

Matthew Sullivan
06-29-2006, 8:44 AM
Hello all,

Making my decision to purchase a laser engraver today or tomorrow, I just wanted to get some final words of wisdom from the mill. Its down to either an Accuris from Pinnacle, or a Spirit from laser pro. Both of them use a 30w firestar lasertube by synrad. So if you guys have any experience with both machines that would be great, if you have some info at all, that would be great too :D. Thanks ahead of time.

Matthew Sullivan

Mitchell Andrus
06-29-2006, 1:12 PM
I can tell you that I love my Spirit 60W. Scott Faulkner in MA has been great. The machine arived on the day promised, Scott came as promised and spent nearly 8 hours showing me the ropes and setting a bunch of defaults in X3 that I wouldn't have thought of.

The driver is very good though I've barely scratched the surface, and the laser itself is very solidly built. Very heavy!!!