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Russ Reaney
06-25-2006, 9:31 PM
:confused: I have a Laser Pro Mercury Laser Engraver, and I am using CorelDraw 11.
I have an old photo that I have been asked too make into a tintype photo for
A customer.
Any help on settings, what type of tin, were to get it.
Thanks Russ

Dave Jones
06-26-2006, 10:03 AM
Real tintype photos aren't engraved or etched in any way, so I guess what you are being asked to make is something that looks somewhat similar. A real tintype photo is a thin piece of tin with black laquer coating it and then a photo emulsion on top. The emulsion gives a light yellow-gray look to it. There are no bright whites in a tintype. It sort of looks like a photo on anodized aluminum that has been coated with a yellow shellac. Real tintypes can have a great deal of detail in the photo. Maybe 1200 dpi or more. Though some are a bit blurry. (I have hundreds of tintypes)