View Full Version : Mohawk Shelburne

John Schreiber
09-14-2003, 8:19 PM
I picked up a plane at a garage sale for $15.00. The iron says "Mohawk Made in USA Shelburne". The back of the lever cap says "397" and the back of the frog says "817".

It's about 15" long. The handles are wood and feel very nice. The body is heavy and thick, but rough and pitted. It was slightly warped, but I flattened it with sandpaper on glass. The iron is badly pitted and useless.

I put in an iron from another plane and I couldn't get the iron to stay in one place. According to THIS LINK (http://www.public.coe.edu/~rroeder/main/bench/economyplanes.htm) Mohawk Shelburne wasn't much good when it was produced starting in 1935. I'm wondering if it is worth buying a new iron or if I should put this on a shelf with a label "don't buy brands you've never heard of" and keep watching for a better plane.