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DeAnna K Howlett
06-22-2006, 7:37 PM
Here's my situation - I have a Chrome Harley Davidson fuel tank console. My customer want's his fireman's patch etched on it. I am practicing on a chrome sink disk of some sort. I sprayed the marking agent on let it dry hit the product at 100 power 10 speed, rinsed off the agent and not a dot on the practice piece. My understanding is that the chrome may have a clear coat on it which cannot be lasered through, true? We have a Vy-tek Fx2 35 Watt Laser. I would appreciate any and all input, thank you very much!

Joe Pelonio
06-22-2006, 7:53 PM
What you have to do is rastor the coated chrome without the cermark first, at about 100 speed 2o power on my 45 watt. Then, being carefull not to move it at all, apply the cermark, let it dry, and run as you did before. The first run should remove the coating, though some coatings require more power than others.

Bruce Volden
06-22-2006, 10:05 PM
My brother has a Harley Firemans Commemorative scoot. He had me laser all kinds of "stuff" on the chrome~~~NONE of it ever lasted very long??!! It was good practice tho', I sure do nice work. Just wish it lasted more than 6 months before it faded into oblivion! I personally have NEVER been able to attack chrome! I turn it down and refuse any pleas to try it again.
Perhaps somebody knows a "work around"??


Rodne Gold
06-23-2006, 1:22 AM
If you want an alternative to metal marking paste , Use a polyester vinyl applied to the chrome (the shiny silver or gold sign vinyl , any sign "vinyl" that does not stretch is generally polyester) , laser thru the vinyl and sandblast for a shiny/matt effect or sandblast to remove glue residues , mask the rest of the item and then use ferric chloride to chemically etch it (I have simplified this process , it's a little more cokmplex than I have stated)
Acid/chemical etching metals is a definate possibility with a laser and we do a ton of it but there are some issues like masking , residue removal , temperature and composition of etchant that are not that "simple".