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Keith Outten
06-07-2006, 7:29 AM
Below is a picture of a few of the many plaques that I have done recently in my quest to improve my dye-sublimation technique. If you look closely at the large rectangle laying flat in the photo you will see that I made a mistake and failed to mirror the graphic so the text is backwards :(. I made the necessary adjustments and reprinted this plaque increasing the size to the maximum length of 30" that my heat press will support and although I don't have a photo of the finished piece it was just awesome. This graphic is a reproduction of the box office ticket for the first performance at the Freguson Center for the Arts in Newport News, Virginia. Possibly this will give some of your some ideas of things to add to your list of products.

The photo of the two children is called "Just Friends" and it is another digital photo by Jamie Hayes of Richmond Virginia. Clearly the quality of the photo has the most dramatic affect on the quality of the finished product more so than any other type of graphics project I have ever done. The small plaque is the logo of New Kent County, Virginia.

As time permits I have one more large batch of photos that I need to dye-sublimate and I will post the pictures for your veiwing pleasure or constructive comments as you wish :)

I failed to include a scale in the photo but for size comparison, the ticket plaque is 26" long by 10" tall.

Ed Lang
06-07-2006, 8:19 AM
I like the backdrop best! :D

The work looks great!

Mitchell Andrus
06-07-2006, 8:38 AM
Keith, Why on Coriel as opposed to another medium?? Is the ability to sculpt the plaque the main "wow" factor? Does the dye-sub look better than other reproduction processes?

BYW - I see that Skitch Henderson is on the ticket reproduction. I took my dad to see Skitch perform at a jazz club just weeks before he (Skitch) died. For those who aren't old enough... Skitch was the "Doc Severensen" of the Tonight Show pre Johnny Carson, Steve Allen era, and it was a thrill to see my dad talking about the old days with Skitch after the performance.

For those who are quite young... Johnny Carson preceeded Jay Leno.


Keith Outten
06-07-2006, 7:16 PM

Corian is a material that lends itself to commercial signs and is very versitile material. It routes, sands and machines much like wood with the same tools and can be bent into lots of shapes. Corian also laser engraves well and now that I can use a dye-sublimate process on Corian I can add another color technique to the options that I offer customers. Honestly I don't have a lot of experience with traditional dye-sub materials as I started using Corian for CNC routed and laser engraved signs and when Ken Dolph recommended Corian for dye-sub work it fit nicely with the other two processes. I can also mix dye-sub, engraving and routing on the same job.

Another feature that is attractive is that Corian is suitable for exterior service without the concerns over weathering or rot. After learning what some sign makers are paying for some of the high end sign board material Corian starts looking even more attractive as its price is just a bit more but it is more durable than most foam core materials.

The bottom line....customers love Corian signs and lately I have found it usefull for other machining jobs as well.