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Tom Cullen
06-06-2006, 2:19 PM
Just though I would share a few projects that I have done on black marble , hope you all enjoy.


Mark Sadowski
06-06-2006, 2:42 PM
Those look great. I am new to the board and laser engraving (a double threat) would you mind sharing your settings and marble source as well as how your processed the image?

I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks is advance


Tom Cullen
06-06-2006, 3:02 PM
Hi Mark,
well lets see where to start... okay! I use a laserpro explorer II 30w laser. I buy my tiles from Stone Locator ( on the web) Absolute black marble 12x12 , 100sq feet per order, minimum order. I first take the usual steps with the images and convert them to grey scale and save as an 8 bit, bitmap 300dpi. I can then size and save them using photoshop to what ever size I need on the tile, I usually measure with a ruler on the tile first to see what size image will look good with what ever border or clip art I use. I then run the sized bitmap through Photograv software, selecting the Black Marble parameter. You can use the auto feature, but I prefer the interactive option ( more control). After that save it and open it in Corel draw ( 12 for me ) just remember to make sure when you open it in Corel draw that you keep it the exact size that you saved it , in Photoshop or what ever program you edited with ( thats a big key factor ) then add your fonts and clip art and bingo! send to the laser. My settings are usually 100% power and 25% speed ... the speed may vary a little maybe 5 points or so but mostly around 25% speed. It takes a little time but better than running the job twice and the results are as you see.

Hope this helps you

Dave Strickler
06-06-2006, 10:15 PM
Hi Tom,

I have the same laser as you and it is heartening to hear that you use the same settings as I do. The only exception is that I usually use 600 instead of 300 dpi and make sure that I engrave at the same dpi as the photograved image. I'll have to experiment some more 300 dpi, but my results are usually very good with 600.