View Full Version : Initial Plane Rack Assembly

Dave Anderson NH
09-07-2003, 9:45 PM
After two shortened days at the Live Free or Die tool auctions Friday and Saturday. I managed to get a good bit of work done on my new wall rack for my handplanes. The days were shortened due to 5 new acquisitions for my new rack. I bought a nice handled beech plow plane with boxwood screw arms and nuts and four complex molding planes. A jewelers style fret saw and a brass and rosewood bevel square also followed me home.

The photo shows the basic rack configuration with a bottom divided shelf for my hollows and rounds and many of my other molding planes. The upper two shelves will each be divided into 11 different compartments 3 3/8" wide with the dividers made from mahagony resawn to 1/4". The upper level will have two tilted racks. The wider one on the left will hold my longer planes vertically, while the one on the right will hold spokeshaves horizontally. The tilted panels will be hinged at the top and a small storage area will be under each hinged panel. Like the saw till I made, most of the exterior will be Lexington green milk paint. All unpainted wood will be mahogany. Some of the interior is already painted since it's a royal pain in the keester to do interiors after assembly. The bottoms of the plane shelves will have a 1/16" thick layer of cork for the planes to rest upon which should protect the blades nicely.

Tom Scott
09-08-2003, 12:40 AM
It's looking good Dave. I can't wait too see the final product.

Sounds like you did good at the auction as well. I wish there was something similar a little closer to Texas.


Halsey MCCombs
09-08-2003, 6:16 AM
Looks well planned out Dave. But where is the wine glass?Halsey

Paul Geer
09-08-2003, 10:21 AM
Mr Dave,
Look'n good so far... :cool: Thanks for the pic's, I'll be looking forward to see the finished project. I'm looking for some ideas for a plane rack myself, time to get the planes out of the cabinet and in to the open where I can get at them.