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Andrew Alexander
05-23-2006, 11:31 PM
Hopefully several of you guys are familiar with Chris Becksvoort 's wonderful tool cabinet (see image). If you have seen better images than this one, you know that he has his name engraved in the upper horizonal drawer top support. I am in the planning stages for a similar cabinet I am considering this feature. My question is since I am a lousy craver at best, is this something the engraving machines can do? The board thickness appers to be 3/4" (maybe 1"). If so how would I go about finding if someone would/could be interested in contracting for this work?...thanks for looking


Shaddy Dedmore
05-24-2006, 12:06 AM
If you make it using edge banding, it can be done pretty easy if the length is within the laser bed dimensions. If you mechanically (or laserly) etch the solid wood egde, you'll most likely have to etch a thinner strip before you glue up, and you'd be treating it like banding anyway. Some lasers have a fairly deep bed, 6-9 inches, that should work for a glueup piece.

Just have it sized and planed and sanded, then it could be lasered then glued.
(maybe use a long spline so you can line up easier without having to worry about sanding off too much wood after the glueup and making the etching offcenter).


Joe Pelonio
05-24-2006, 8:04 AM
An issue for lasers is the length of the piece, mine is 24" maximum, some others are 32", 36" a few 48".

Andrew Alexander
05-25-2006, 12:55 AM
Thanks guys...based on your input I was 1) able to determine that I need to search for CNC router service as opposed to engraving and 2) I was able to find local a service. Much appreciate your input...a

Frank Corker
05-25-2006, 1:46 AM
Damn I wish I had that tool box!

Dave Fifield
05-25-2006, 4:23 AM
...and all those lovely tools too!

Dave F.