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Guy Germaine
05-22-2006, 10:13 AM
Or at least a select few. One of my other hobbies is raising and showing Newfoundland dogs. I frequent another message board appropriately named Newf.Net. The board is run by a guy who is a professional photographer, by trade. He houses and pays for the server, pays for the high speed connection, and does all the maintenance on the board himself, and refuses to take any "donations" from any of the users.

A few months ago, he lost Cozy, his first Newf, and the reason that Newf.Net was started in the first place. He had her cremated and currently has her in a box on his mantle. He contacted me tonight, telling me that he's seen some of the boxes I've made, and asked if he could commission me to make a final resting place for Cozy. I immediately told him that I would be honored to make the box at no charge. I will start on it in about a week.

Here's where I need the Creeker family. I would LOVE to find someone with a laser engraver that would donate a laser engraved photograph of Cozy that I could incorporate into the lid of the box. Does anyone know of someone that would be willing to do this? Thanks for listening!

Bruce Volden
05-22-2006, 11:14 AM
I will help out anyway you wish. I too have a newf (landseer female) named "Floide", big, dumb and lovable. If you have a scanner you could e-mail the picture to me through PM. Be glad to help out!!


Shaddy Dedmore
05-22-2006, 2:44 PM
I just ordered some Laser-tile (see lasertile.com by 3-score), I have the off-white 4.25" and 6" squares.

I'd also be willing to put an image on one and send it to you. It would work for me because I just got them and was looking for an excuse to experiment to nail down my settings (Epilog 24TT, 45W).


Guy Germaine
05-22-2006, 2:47 PM
Thank you very much Bruce. This guy is a photographer, so he has some great shots of her. I just need to get the "right" picture without him knowing about it. He knows I'm making the box, but he doesn't know anything about this. As soon as I get the picture, I'll send it to you. Thanks again.

BTW...We have 3 Newfs! A 9 year old black female that we rescued about a year and a half ago, a black male that turned 2 yesterday, and a 10 month old Landseer female that our daughter shows.

Dave Richards
05-22-2006, 2:54 PM
Guy, sorry I can't help you with the engraving. I think you're doing a great thing.

We almost have a Newf. She's actually a Newfie/border collie cross. She turned 13 this year. Had a checkup on Friday. The called with results of blood work. Says he's always amazed and that she still has "puppy blood". She's arthritic but seems to manage on a half dose of Rimadyl a day.

I'm not looking forward to the day she crosses that Rainbow Bridge.

Guy Germaine
05-22-2006, 5:58 PM
I had to put my male Landseer down 2 years ago. He was just a little over 10 years old. It's a tough decision. He had congestive heart disease.