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Steve Gray
05-21-2006, 3:02 PM
Hi Folks, I'm new here and to wood work in general. I've been lurking in the background for a couple of months and have finally decided to post.
I recently purchased a Logosol M7 chainsaw mill and a Stihl ms 660 magnum saw in hopes of learning how saw wood and maybe provide some specialty wood products to others, plus I have a list of things I would like to try to build around our house. I live in West Texas, which is definitly NOT a wooded region. I was planning on mainly cutting mesquite and trying to build a few things and sell them locally. However, once people found out I am willing to come cut trees, I have so much work I haven't even had time to try out the mill yet!:eek: For example, our local golf course is beginning a total revamp soon and there are 30 very large (50 ft) elm trees that will have to be removed. I am suppposed to help take them down, then I can have whatever I would like. I have been told these are "chinese" elms, but I am not sure if the info was correct. This brings me to my first question: If these are Chinese elms, is the wood usable for turning, building projects, etc?
I have also have been given access to a large amount of Pecan, Mesquite, Mulberry, and some Cottonwood. If I have time later this summer I may make a deal for a large amount Oak that is located about 100 miles south of me. Keep in mind, my "large amount" actually amounts to what I can cut, haul (10,000lbs per load), and work after my real job. I have been working 3 nights a week plus Saturdays and I still need 3 solid days to haul home everything I've cut.
Second question: Are there particular sizes of wood that a hobbiest or specialty builder would need? Is there a particular thickness and diameter of log that a turner would use? How do you ship wood affordably? I am completely "at sea" in these area's and hope that ya'll can help.
Once my wife gets off work for the summer (school teacher), she's going to be helping me and manning the camera also, so I should be able to get some pics sent in soon.
I have looked at quite a few sites on the net and you guys / gals here seem to the folks I need to direct these questions to. I am really impressed with your skills at building and turning, and your willingness to help each other. Thanks for any input you could give.

tod evans
05-21-2006, 3:18 PM
welcome steve! one of the problems with our local bandmill guys is they try to "stretch" all they can out of a tree and saw wet at 15/16"
please keep in mind when you`re cutting that 4/4 lumber dried in the rough measures 1 1/8- 1 3/16. i have totally stopped buying from the local sawyers because it`s a waste of my time to try and salvage wood that was cut to thin. any of the big yards, nor-pac, boise & warehauser will not accept 4/4 stock under 1 1/4 wet. just food for thought...02 tod

Norman Hitt
05-21-2006, 6:06 PM
Welcome to the "Creek", Steve. Where in W. Tx are you located?

Steve Gray
05-21-2006, 6:48 PM
Thanks for the welcome Norman. I live in Big Spring, My wife teaches in Odessa, commuting everyday.

Steve Gray
05-23-2006, 5:51 PM
Thanks for reply Todd. Info like yours is exactly what I'm looking for. :p
Steve Gray