View Full Version : Time to get my "tool fix" for my addiction

Roger Myers
09-04-2003, 12:04 PM
Tmorrow and saturday will be the LFOD tool auctions in Nashua NH with more neander toys in one spot than you can know what to do with....
I'll be there Friday for sure and Saturday if I have any money left :D

I know Dave A. will be there (as we try hard not to bid against each other...we are civil nenaders after all)...anybody else from the creek going to make it??


Dave Anderson NH
09-04-2003, 12:21 PM
Dave Caudill from Oregon is being picked up at the Manchester airport by Sandy Moss tonite. He'll be at Sandys booth in the parking lot tomorrow and of course he'll be wandering around scooping up stuff . He will be in town all next week taking the sack back chair course over at Mike Dunbar's. I've invited him to come over to my still dirty shop and I'm going to lead him further into temptation by introducing him to Phil Whitby of the New Boston Tool Room in Kingston. We can talk about getting together during next week if you have a nite free. How about dinner. Remember, we both have Wednesday nite tied up with a guild steering committee meeting. I've also invited Dave to attend our Guild meeting at Tom McLaughlin's shop.

I'm going to be really light on the spending this weekend (yeah, right) unless of course I see some really nice complex molding planes which are just too hard to pass up. I plan to be in Nashua by 7AM.