View Full Version : New machine is coming

Mitchell Andrus
05-20-2006, 8:05 AM
Laserpro Spirit 60W. The check goes out on Monday, I can't wait to join in on all the fun.

Thanks for all the input....

What setting do I use to slice hot dogs? Kidding - I meant Fig Newtons.

"It slices, it dices, and the blade NEVER gets dull..."


John Minton
05-22-2006, 2:12 PM
Hi Mitch

You will have a lot of fun and miss a lot of sleep trying new things. Its funny you ask about hot dogs. When I went to the school for our 1500 watt Mazak laser in 1992 the first thing our teacher did was cut thru 1/2 thick steel and then a frozen hot dog. The teacher then told us that the machine would do the same thing to a finger. I use the same method to train new emp. we have never had a person get hurt by one of our laser.

Hope the same goes for you and yours

Be safe but have fun.