View Full Version : Dave A/NH - I did it your way / you're rubbing off!

Mike Schwing
09-03-2003, 4:44 PM
On the way over the my devil tailed planer with the latest glue-up I had an idea - why not give that handplane thing a shot. I've spent time tuning up my Grandfather's old Bailey #5, lets see what it can do to this hard maple and mahogany.....

Guess what? Didn't need ear plugs, the dust collector, or any scraping/sanding. No tear out, no snipe. Fun! (you're a powerful example). Not a wine drinker, but you can see my bottle of Gatorade.

Notice anything wrong with that glue up? Me neither till I went and cut the ends off - I mixed up the order of the strips by accident - they won't match up when I reverse the strip in the middle. Instead I sliced the ends off at a 50 degree angle and glued them back on the opposite sides. We'll see how that works when it comes off the clamps.


David LaRue
09-03-2003, 4:59 PM
Not bad.. you can plane and watch the game on your flat sceen TV at the same time. :)


Dave Anderson NH
09-04-2003, 10:09 AM
I'm glad you gave it a try. Now you know how easy it is and what kind of results are possible with a minimal amount of work. As for the glueup error, after correction you'll just get some more practice on your finish planing technique. Besides, you couldn't count my errors on all of the fingers and toes in a football stadium.