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John Miliunas
09-02-2003, 12:32 AM
Way off topic, but I figured this may be a good place to get some "real-time" opinions.

Problem: My computer room is in the lower level of the house. We live in a fringe area and the radio reception isn't the best, even upstairs. I'm looking for one of those small, mini-component stereo/CD/cassette units, which gets GOOD FM reception. I've searched through a whole slew of units that people have reported their opinions on, but to no avail. I can easily find out which units will rattle the windows in your house or which ones have some issues playing CDR-type media. But, I have NOT been able to find opinions (good or otherwise) on the FM reception end of things. Fact is, I really don't give a hoot if it will wake the dead or shake my fillings loose! It would be played at very low volumes 95* of the time, so really heavy-duty fidelity is not the main criteria here. So, anybody have a unit they can recommend or, at least, a site which DOES pay attention to the tuner end of things? BTW, I already checked on the Kloss Model 88. (The tuner section on that unit is awesome!) Appears that Mr. Kloss went to the big stereo shop in the sky a year or so ago. The Model 88 isn't being produced any longer and the one outfit which is selling their stock off, is commanding big, big $$$$ for the unit. Appreciate any input!

Ken Garlock
09-02-2003, 2:34 AM
Hi John. I am a Sony fan when it comes to home entertainment equipment. But one of the problems with the Sony "boom box" is that they tend to not have provisions for an external antenna. My wife bought one several years ago, and all it has is a basic collapsible whip antenna. That is OK for around a metro area, but not more than 30-50 miles.

I recommend going to a major national chain HIFI and TV store and select a unit which has provisions for an external antenna. Then all you need to do is hook it up to your TV antenna through a "splitter." If you are on cable, there is a good chance that the cable company also carries the entire FM band. Remember, if they don't cost much, they aren't worth much either. By not cost much I mean like less than $100.

Good luck with your search.

Don Farr
09-02-2003, 9:18 AM
John, I had this problem also when I moved to the boonies. I purchased an amplified antenna from Best Buys. It is a small rectangular unit about 5"X6"X2" and you just plug it in and point it in the direction of the signal. I set mine up almost 3 years ago and have not messed with it since. Works great :D

Oh! It was about $19.95 I think :confused:

Jim Becker
09-02-2003, 10:22 AM
I recently went a different route...I put a Haupauge TV/FM card in my computer so I can listen to the radio all day and watch Norm and HGTV when the feeling strikes me. The TV portion hooks up to the cable and the radio uses an external antenna. Reception is super and the picture quality when watching programs is better than the "real" TVs in the house.

Charles McKinley
09-02-2003, 11:12 AM
Check the C Crane Radio out. It is on my short list when I turn cash flow positive. They had some of their previous model on close out on thier web site. It is mpmo only but much less than the new model. Also put radio reception into a search engine. It will bring up mostly tips for AM though. Radoi Shack offers an antenna like the one mentioned above for about the same price.

The benefits of living in the stick still far outweigh the cost for me.

Lee Schierer
09-03-2003, 2:17 PM
I find that most any FM or AM radio that has a hook up in the back for an external antenna will do a more than adequate job of receiving your favorite radio stations. You will need to run an antenna wire above ground and out side of any house structure (particularly aluminum siding), insuring you properly protect it from lightning strikes, the longer and higher the better. Most of the problems with poor reception ar due to poor antenna design or location.