View Full Version : Pic of Laser Engraved Corian Plaque

Pat Kearney
05-12-2006, 11:49 PM
Just adding another pic of a 6"X8" White Corian Plaque I recently engraved for a friend who is not feeling so well. I never tried white corian before nor did I try masking and spray painting something with such fine details as the lettering. I had some slight bleedthrough around some letters but overall I was quite pleased with the end result. If I had more time I would have tried sanding after the spray as suggeted by Keith in other threads however I had to send it to her the next morning so I left well enough alone.

Keith Outten
05-13-2006, 5:51 AM
Very nice Pat,

I've had pretty good luck sanding after engraving, I have even used Trisact disks on my ROS to wet sand plaques, then rinse under a fawcet to remove the dust that accumulates in the engraved areas. A quick blow dry with an air hose and their done. The Trisact disks will bring the Corian to a nice smooth finish, not quite polished like a buffing wheel but very smooth.

I normally use speed and power settings of 20/100 on my 35 watt machine for Corian. The engraving is deep enough to pick up a shadow and looks really crisp.

I have several Glasier White Corian plaques to dye-sub photographs on today, I will post some pictures as soon as I have them cleaned up.

Tom Radachi
05-13-2006, 6:54 AM
I'm so new into this, it isn't funny, but one substrate that I have experimented with is corian. I found it to engrave nicely, sharp and without too much odor/smoke.

Pat Kearney
05-13-2006, 8:08 AM
Thanks Keith. My settings for this one were similar at 30/100 @ 600 dpi on the 35W Helix. I did wet sand it by hand before engraving with 400 grit, then 600, and then I even gave it a quick rub over with rubbing compound. I think it would have been better if I had a mechanical buffer/polisher. I will definitely try sanding after engraving to see how it turns out. Thanks for the info.