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Jeff Lehman
05-10-2006, 9:27 AM
I have a question about how Corel X3 and the ULS Printer Driver work together as far as the settings for an individual file. What I am seeing is for example, I create a project in CorelDraw, and when ready for sending to the laser, the settings for the Power/Speed etc are all entered.

I do use the settings files ".las" to save settings from one project to another, but I was wondering how I save the settings for the project with the .cdr file itself? So when I reopen that file I don't have to worry about the settings being incorrect.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Jerry Allen
05-10-2006, 10:09 AM
Corel does not save all the printer settings like some other programs do.
You can create a separate file with the printer type and a few other things, but it is a separate file from the .cdr. (Print style on the Print dialog box)
Your laser's saved settings are probably more convenient and useful.

Lee DeRaud
05-10-2006, 11:09 AM
About the best you can do is create a folder full of '.las' files with the same names as your '.cdr' files.

This one's been bugging me for awhile too. One possibility (memo: add to 'to-do' list :rolleyes: ) is some kind of VBA script that stuffs the print properties in the .cdr file and regenerates them on the fly, but I don't know if the VBA API can get at the driver-specific stuff.

Mike Mackenzie
05-10-2006, 2:44 PM
Because you are dealing with two separate programs it is difficult to tie the two together.

What we do is to make notes in the corel file something like Duplication amounts, LAS file name, etc. Any special requirements for that particular job.

Use a color like Magenta and place it outside of the page or on a separate layer and lock it. That way it is visible but not printable.

I will forward the suggestion to the engineers and see if it is doable. Who knows!

Jeff Lehman
05-10-2006, 3:04 PM
I agree! Although the .las files are a great feature, they are not implemented well. Part of what bothers me about the loading the .las files is that Corel Draw does not remember where the files are stored so you must navigate to them each time...

Mike Mackenzie
05-10-2006, 3:10 PM

I would recommend to make a folder on the desktop to store the LAS files. It is easy to navigate to the desktop.

Dave Fifield
05-10-2006, 3:48 PM
I give every laser project to its own separate folder, so I simply save the printer settings file (in my case, a Epilog .dat file) along with the project files. Easy.

Dave F.