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Nick Silva
08-28-2003, 4:04 PM
You know, sometimes it's just easier to buy the kits rather than make them. Take pens for instance. I use to make pens, but considering everyone and his monkey is making them these days, the price for these has become very competative in a large market (such as DFW). So I don't make pens anymore. I find it cheaper and easier to buy them and do a quick engrave. My favorite company is Laser Bits
They have a wide variety of items for us laser guys. Pens are available in Maple, Walnut and a rosewood at about $2.25 each. Heck, the pen kits normally go for double that. Sure, I'm sacrificing variety but at least if I get a pen order for 100 pens I don't have to scramble to make 100 pens. I can get them dropped shipped overnight. Just something to think about. Check out their site. peace.

Keith Outten
08-28-2003, 8:38 PM

I've been a customer of Laserbits for a long time. I purchase AlumaMark, Laser Lights, Pens and Pencils and a host of engraving supplies from them.

I love the ceramic ball pens, it takes 15 seconds to engrave them and they sell for 16 bucks each ($13.75 profit for a 15 second job). They aren't as nice as the custom pens that you make yourself but the money sure spends well :) Turning custom pens is an art and very enjoyable, especially for family and friends who appreciate the craftsmanship.