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Russ Hazlewood
04-19-2006, 4:04 AM
At my law office, when we obtain a noteworthy settlement or judgment, we have the check or judgment engraved for our trophy wall. We also obtain trophies of news stories reporting on our settlements or judgements. We've not updated the wall for more than two years, so I have a stack of checks on deck. The trophies we've purchased in the past are walnut plaques with copies of the check engraved on what looks to me like brass-colored alumamark.

Since I purchased a laser engraver for my wife's business, everyone is badgering me to get moving and update the trophy wall. I am also thinking that it would be good marketing for me to give trophies to our clients.

I received a JDS catalog with my Epilog Mini. They do not sell a plaque that will work for the checks. They will make custom sizes, but the minimum is 500 pieces. We have not been quite that successful.

I would appreciate the group's advice on the following:

1. Can anyone recommend a source for laser engravable plaques for checks (8.5" X 3") and/or for letter-sized documents (8.5" X 11)?

2. Is there anything I should know before I attempt to engrave a photocopy of a check or document onto alumamark? Is there a more reliable material?

3. Can anyone suggest a more interesting or attractive laser-engravable medium for wall-hanging?

I've got several to make, so I'll probably be ordering at least three dozen pieces. While our resources are not unlimited, I am more interested in aesthetics than price.

Thanks in advance.

Joe Pelonio
04-19-2006, 8:49 AM
Laserbits now has Marble Acrylic Sheets that could work well, since you can vector cut to size. Dark marble surface, bright white lettering when lasered. Also there's the
Rowmark Granites, also vectorable, but limited to three shades of gray. The Granites Deluxe are for rotary but I have used them successfully on the laser, the green with gold subsurface.

Barbara Buhse
04-19-2006, 2:57 PM
try Tropar/Airflyte
www.airflyte.com (http://www.airflyte.com)
e-mail tropar@airflyte.com

they have brass plates with black coating... specifically item # zx823 which is 3 3/8" x 8" or zx824 which is 3 x 7.5" and may other sizes too. I haev to say, the service is great and shipping is fast. It takes a day or two to sign up for an account, but after that, ordering is very easy. I think the minimun order is $40.


Keith Outten
04-19-2006, 3:28 PM

I would suggest using either black marble stone or Dupont Corian. Both engrave well and would be unique.