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Michael Wells
04-13-2006, 8:34 PM
Hi Everybody, Well I figured that since Corel support didn't help, I would ask the people who know the most about it...YOU!

I am trying to install CorelDraw X3, new Educational version. I unloaded the Corel 12 ED Version before I started, rebooted, deleted every trace I could find and so on, like the directions called for. I installed X3 and when I go to fire up the program, it tells me that the UI Language Registration List is Corrupt! Okay, I called Corel, and paid the good man there, because the ED version does not have free support, he sent me new disks, which I promptly reinstalled this morning after going through the same process as before. Same problem!

I removed X3 completely and reinstalled V12 to get some work done and Voila'.... The same message on Version 12 now. I can't get in! Does anybody know what could be going on here?

I am running Windows XP Media Edition, Plenty of speed and RAM and storage, etc. Where do I find the UI Language Registration List much less repair it? I don't even see an English Language file on the X3 disk, though it is definitely the English version... on both sets of disks!

I haven't got that much hair to be pulling it out over this stuff....any suggestions? Besides Rogaine?

Rodne Gold
04-13-2006, 9:02 PM
Use system restore to restore windows to before your 12 removal , install 13 as a seperate package , it allows that. So you now have both 12 and 13 on the puter. Could be you deleted a windows file or a shared file windows needs.

Hale Reider
04-14-2006, 3:59 AM
Mike, I seem to remember going through this or something similar last year when I tried to upgrade from 11 to 12. I had bought an edu version off Ebay, as my daughter is in college and does the website and graphics for us. At any rate, I ended up sending the edu back and got a refund. Bought another one on Ebay, which was fine until I tried to get customer support about a month or two ago and was told it was an illegal or OEM and there was no support. So I bought X3 from NewEgg as an upgrade, for about $150 delivered and it installed without problem. I think Corel makes this a lot harder than it needs to be and upsets a lot of customers in the process. At any rate, the two links following may help.



I think you have to use Corel Draws uninstaller instead of the one in Windows. Best of luck, Hale

Jerry Allen
04-14-2006, 11:06 AM
X3 and v12 can be installed simultaneously and will install into their own separate folders.
I would try holding the F8 key when starting the program (Draw and Photopaint) to reset factory defaults when installing either version.
A lot of nasty stuff can happen if you don't.

Michael Wells
04-15-2006, 11:33 AM
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I had already done the restore trick to no avail and thanks to Hale I found that this has been a problem since version 10! The fix that those links suggested didn't work, but they did lead to the answer!

What the problem apparently was, is that when you load the Academic version onto a computer that has either had or still has a full version on it (mine had full and upgrade versions all the way back to ver.9) it develops this problem. What it amounts to is that the full versions are usually single language and the academic versions are multi-language, and that causes neither to work since they try to call upon the same language registry file. This corrupts the file the very first time you try to use it.

The only solution I found was to delete all former copies, trace files, etc or Corel on the computer, (locating them using find command) then going into the registry itself and deleting the entire Corel block of registry keys there! After all that is done, empty the temp files in both Windows and the Administrator temp section.

After all of that, reboot, turn off your anti-virus program, shut down all other programs and reinstall CorelDraw X3! Sheesh! But it worked.

If you want both versions, sorry, they will either have to be both full, upgrade or Acedemic, but not mixed! Another fine mess that they've gotten us into!:eek:

Jerry Allen
04-15-2006, 5:28 PM
Glad you got it working again.
I have an academic v12 (boxed Corel, updated twice to 536) running on the same machine as X3 (576) full. Both working fine. Go figure.