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Tom Cullen
04-12-2006, 6:04 PM
I would just like to start by saying hello to everyone and what a pleasure it is to find a site like this with such nice people willing to help fellow laser engravers. Now hopefully someone can help me out:) Here is my problem; I have an Explorer II laser and up to this point had no problems but I just upgraded to the latest Firmware and found I needed to set " Home Origin " well I neglected to take note of the previous settings and have now messed it up so much that I keep getting a "Clipped " message. I understand what this refers to but now my engraver will not engrave. I have tried guessing at Home origin settings with no luck. I have also followed the instructions in the book but still find myself baffled.Does anyone have any settings I could enter in? a starting point to work from and then refine it from there. I use 12 x12 tiles. I thank you all in advance for your much needed help.


Jerry Allen
04-12-2006, 6:44 PM
did you do this?:
1. Hold both Enter and Start keys at the same time while powering on the machine.
2. Jog the red point (carriage) by arrow keys to the inner junction of rulers at top left corner.
<O:p3. Press Enter key after the position of red pointer is right on the spot, restart the machine.
Addtionally, you can't have a cut line or graphic touching the either the zero X or Y axis in Corel.

Tom Cullen
04-12-2006, 8:55 PM
Thank you Jerry for the reply,I didn't hold down both keys just the ENTER key but that got me to the Home origin screen and I was able to move the arrow keys to the junction of the rulers. At first I was setting the red beam at the inside junction( where they meet in the work area) but changed it to the very upper left junction.I then save and cold boot the laser.The problem that I now see is that I still keep getting a "clip" error message? I have a vector 6 inch square centered on a 12x12 tile for mesuring purposes, but it seem no matter where I put it on the tile the same message results. I tried re loading the firmware and setting origin after that but same results. I started out doing this because I was doing a floor inlay and when the laser satrted the last two 12x12 tiles of an overall 24x24 layout it would start the burn about an 1/8 inch from the top of the tiles and it would show when all were butted together. Could it be a problenm with the print driver?

Tom Cullen
04-12-2006, 9:42 PM
Jerry ,
Seems like theres a lot more going on here than just setting origin. I know I'm doing it right , using the arrow keys and then moving to the junction of the rulers, saving and cold booting. The problem is that when I place the beam on the upper left corner of the tile and focus then burn the raster square that is put in the center of the tile using the corel work area and the "P" command to center it. The raster is started way off center by like 2 1/2 " or more. I'm not sure what else to do from this point other than call the company I bought the laser from and get a tech out. Been at this since 12pm until 6pm today, not much hair left on my head LOL!

Jerry Allen
04-13-2006, 9:32 AM
Sounds to me like you don't have the page in Corel set to have the origin at the upper left corner. Double click on the ruler and set the Origin Verticle to the height of your page. I normally use a template the size of my table (25x18) with this number set to 18".
When you set 0,0 at the laser, the red pointer should be centered at the intersection of the rulers, which means lower right 1/4 of the beam would hit the working area of the table, AND, the beam should be focused on the table first.

James Fillmore
05-17-2006, 4:46 PM
I think I had this same problem initially. I think i had to set the driver to use the extended (full 38") or it would clip / mover the start over from the left about 2". Give that a try. I don't have the PC for that machine where I'm at else i'd tell you what screen it's on in the driver setup.