View Full Version : Sawmill creek....wine?

chris toomey
08-21-2003, 9:17 AM
took the kids to niagara falls yesterday. while ordering lunch ,i looked up at the board that had various drinks available. various wines and beers were listed...by the glass or bottle. at the bottom of the board it said " or try our very own Sawmill Creek!" it appears that sawmill creek is a locally grown wine. somehow i'm trying to connet the two...perhaps a sawmill creek wine tour? hey keith, is sawmill creek copyrighted?

Keith Outten
08-21-2003, 9:29 AM

As far as I know there is no copyright on SawMill Creek although our logo has a copyright automatically by law. There is a resort at www.sawmillcreek.com and of course our forum and there are bound to be more sawmill creeks. I'll do a search and see what else I can find.