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Joel Selman
08-21-2003, 2:29 AM
I just finished this American Cherry Bookcase. You may recognize it if you watch New Yankee Carpenter. Norm made two out of Mesquite. Too rich for my blood. I did stick with Ironwood (Cocobolo?) pegs and made the knobs (enlarged view) out of Ironwood as well.
I actually made two of these. I hope to sell one.

Mark Mazzo
08-21-2003, 8:37 AM

Beautiful work! I did a similar one last year out of Cherry from plans in an old Woodsmith. I posted it on SMC. You did a great job on this piece.

-- Mark

Joel Selman
08-21-2003, 9:23 AM
Here are a few more pieces:

Jim Becker
08-21-2003, 9:24 AM
Beautuful, Joel. That's one sharp piece!

Ron McNeil
08-21-2003, 9:37 AM

That's a great looking book case. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

Lars Thomas
08-21-2003, 10:58 AM
Well done. Nice clean lines, Beautiful wood. I would not expect you to have any trouble selling the other one. Lars

Marc Hills
08-21-2003, 11:48 AM
Beautiful work, Joel. I really like the pegged M&T look with Cherry. How did you make the ironwood pulls? Did you route the profiles?

Von Bickley
08-21-2003, 1:59 PM

Great looking work. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

Joel Selman
08-21-2003, 3:01 PM
The pulls were a challenge. I started with a 6" long piece of ironwood squared to 1". First I drilled centered holes in each end for dowels, I then shimmed the miter gauge (set at the max) on the bandsaw so it could hold my piece at AROUND 30 degrees and cut the four sides (the small sections were on each end. By keeping the part long I had a flat side to guide the workpiece. I shaped the angled sides at the oscillating spindle sander to radius the insides of the knob. Once I was satisfied with the shape I cut the knobs off the block.
I then held them together facing each other on the small side with a piece of dowel rod and shaped the fronts and edges. By rotating one of the knobs 45 degrees it is easy to get the edges sanded.
I have taped the knobs together for the pics, when working the knobs the dowel is not cut (duh!).

Pete Lamberty
08-21-2003, 4:18 PM
Hi Joel, That is a beautiful bookcase. I really am impressed. You mentioned that you would like to sell one of the two cases that you made. Here on SMC we rarely ever talk about selling the things we make. How do you plan on selling it? Do you already have someone who is interested? I think discussions about sales efforts and sucess stories could be a help to all of us. Thanks for your time. Pete

Joel Selman
08-21-2003, 4:27 PM
I have yet to sell any of my pieces but have given a couple of lamps away as gifts. One of my couzins who is a dentist told me he is building a home office otherwise I would not have had a lead. I know there are places in this area that take furniture on consignment. I just happen to build two of these bookcases. If I had only built one my wife has already told me she would not have let it out of her house...
There is a small shop near here that sells mission style furniture. I have spoken with the owner and he says he has his stuff made by people like us. I was thinking of speaking with him again.

Jim Becker
08-21-2003, 4:33 PM
Working with someone that takes pieces from a variety of people is probably a good way to break in to selling some of your work. But do pay attention to the insurance ramifications. Once you start selling items, you technically have a business in the eyes of many insurance carriers and you could have a claim denied should you have a fire, etc. Some are more tolerant than others of incidental "hobby sales", but some take the hard line. Find out for sure!

Joel Selman
08-22-2003, 10:52 AM
This is the second bookcase.