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Dave Strickler
04-10-2006, 9:05 PM
This past Saturday, I started up my Explorer II to work on a few orders. When I tried to raise the work table to focus, I got an error message saying that the table had reached the upper limit switch and to move the table in the opposite direction. The table was nowhere near the upper limit switch. I did lower the table and the z axis motor worked fine to lower the table, but whenever I attempt to raise the table, I get the same error message about the upper limit switch. The table is now at the very bottom position and I can't raise it.

I called GCC America support, and it seems that they have only two guys to handle support for the entire US. The guy I talked to didn't know what the problem was, and the guy who might know wasn't in today. It seems that usually, the distributor you buy the machine from handles service and support ( which is what I was told when I ordered my machine), but the Rep. I bought my machine from left LaserPro and went to Pinnacle, so my support is now handled through the GCC America office in California.

Hopefully GCC America will get back to me tomorrow as they promised and will be able to help me. I am effectively out of business until I get the problem fixed.

I'm not sure if the problem is the Z motor (it worked fine to lower the table), one of the 2 upper limit switches, or something else. Have any of you other Explorer owners experienced this problem?

Jim A. Walters
04-10-2006, 9:57 PM
I would guess it could be the upper limit is broken, or stuck, or the autofocus probe is dirty and stuck "up". I have had this problem on my Mercury. I don't know if the Explorer is the same.

Barbara Sample
04-12-2006, 10:56 AM
I also have a Mercury, and recently it got stuck and would go up to focus, it would only go down. I was told by someone on another forum that the focust probe could be stuck and sure enough, that is what it was. So take a look at yours and see if it is stuck, just pull it down, and try it then clean it good. It fixed mine, hopefully it will help yours also.

Robert Bosworth
04-17-2006, 12:33 PM
I am not all that familiar yet with the GCC machines. I would guess that your upper limit switch has failed for whatever reason. Make sure that the plunger is moving freely and feel free to apply a little lubricant to it. There may also be an optical switch on one side or the other that has gotten dirty. These are little rabbit ears that have an ear attached to the table that triggers them when the table has gotten to the top. A little alcohol on a que-tip can clean them right up.

Robert C. Bosworth